Griffon Rider (griffon_rider) wrote in linuxhelp,
Griffon Rider

Fedora, ,Nvidia, Generic LCD Display problems


I just installed Fedora 7 from Fedora core 6.  New install.
It detected the video card just fine.
The display detected as a Generic CRT 640X480.
I tried to change it to Generic LCD 1024X768 but that did not thing to fix my video problems.  I am only able to get 800X600 resolution.
Also when I type in the terminal
glxinfo | grep rendering
It tells me direct rendering: No

I have seen other peoples post on this asking for help, but I have not found an answer to these people's problems yet.
I have tried to install the drivers from Nvidia, but I have not been successful with that yet.
I am trying to install the drivers with the Xserver off, and as Root.
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