महेश्वरदस (przxqgl) wrote in linuxhelp,

stumped? boy am i... 8/

i posted yesterday about having an installation of kubuntu that didn't have firefox preinstalled, among other things, and i got to the point where i decided that i really must have a wonky installation, so i re-installed kubuntu, and i got exactly the same thing!! an installation with no preinstalled firefox, no preinstalled gimp (both of which "BREAK", and won't install when i request installation with adept), an installation of Ark that is there, but doesn't work, and, very likely, other arcane weirdness.

i know that, when i run kubuntu from the live CD (dapper drake), things just appear to work without difficulty, but there is no firefox installed on the live CD. on purpose? i don't know... it seems to me that it was there once, but not on any of the subsequent times i have booted from the live CD.

i also know that, if i download an iso of feisty, and try to burn it; on the linux side it says that it's going on okay, but when i try to boot from the resulting CD, it turns out that the CD is blank; on my W2K box, it won't go, because the iso is bigger than the blank CD will accept by a few k; and if i burn it on my Os9 mac, it fits and is all there, but it won't boot.

i'm going nuts here: i've got a (now blank) linux box that was built out of bits and pieces a few years ago, topped off with an 80g hard disk, an AMD 1.3ghz processor and 1g of ram. it should work, but it doesn't... any clues?
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